The 2024 Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday January 27th in Concord, NH

New England Turkey Hunting Hall of Fame

 New England Turkey Hunting Hall of Fame Bylaws

Nomination to the Hall Of Fame

​  The New England Chapters of The National Wild Turkey Federation are the stewards of this Hall of Fame and  seek to honor those who have given exceptional support to the Wild Turkey and Turkey Hunters.  Membership or volunteerism for NWTF is NOT a requirement for nomination or induction to the NETHHOF.  There are specific requirements for individuals who are being nominated as NWTF Volunteers. These requirements do not apply if the individual is being nominated for accomplishments outside of The NWTF.


       Requirements (All):

  •  - Gives their Time, Resources and/or Talents to the support of the Wild Turkey
  •  - Continuously promotes and encourages turkey hunting traditions
  •  - Shares the enjoyment of turkey hunting with others.
  •  - Supports efforts in the Conservation of the Wild Turkey and our Hunting Heritage

     NWTF Volunteer Requirements:

  •  - A Member of NTWF (minimum of 10 years)


  •  - Serve or have served as a Local Chapter Officer or Banquet Chairman


  •  - Serve or have served as a State Chapter Officer or Board Member


 All nominations should be submitted to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee by November 15 of each calendar year.

You may use the "Contact Us" form located on this website or send to Keith Fritze @

All nominations should include a biography telling why this person should be considered for induction into the NETHHOF.
​Please include as many details as you have, or let us know how to contact you for more information.

 Once all nominations have been received and reviewed by the individual New England state’s Selection Committee, the state Boards of Directors will vote upon the candidates and the chosen individual(s) will be inducted into the

Hall of Fame during the following New England Awards Banquet.